M.92 is brought to you by two sisters from London obsessed with massive exaggerated sleeves, heavily oversized clothes, unique colour stories, theatrics and comfort.

Our online presence started in October 2018, but the idea itself had been at least four years in the making. We strive to provide a unique aesthetic experience and offer our customers perfectly-executed ethically-made garments that will stand the test of time and last for many years to come. M.92 strives to convey a story with each of its garments — be it a feminized Victorian daydream (as shown in our balloon-sleeved dress) or a visage of the New Woman (as shown in our oversized corduroy suit); we’d like to invite our customers to daydream, try on different looks, and be more adventurous with their style. In our understanding, the future of fashion lies in more complex story telling, in a deep brand-customer connection and a personal understanding of how each narrative relates back to you. The more brands expand their storytelling, the more meaningful shopping gets. We believe that by manufacturing lore, fashion brands contribute to the development of culture like never before.